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Direct Contact is a newsletter issued several times a year, keeping you informed of events, sharing software and modeling tips, and making sure you know of new products or releases as soon as they are available.

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Current Issue: March 2016

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  • December 2005: Establishing Insitu Stresses with SIGMA/W. One of the more important aspects of any stress-deformation analysis is establishing the insitu stresses. Learn how to do a "gravity turn-on" analysis with SIGMA/W. Also in this edition, we congratulate Dr. John Krahn on being awarded the R.F. Legget Medal, and we explain how we've made it easier to download your license files.
  • November 2005: Sensitivity Analysis with SLOPE/W. Learn how a simple sensitivity analysis can be used to help obtain a better understanding of the influence of particular parameters in a slope stability analysis.
  • October 2005: Display of Most Critical Slip Surfaces. In the early days, the only way to portray a summary of all the safety factors was to contour them on a grid of rotation centers. With today's sophisticated software, there are now other more convenient and meaningful ways which can help interpret slope stability results. Also in this issue, a review of the 5th Annual Calgary Geotechnical Modeling Workshop.
  • September 2005: Reflections on Ethiopia. John Krahn reflects on his recent trip to Ethiopia to lead a modeling workshop. Also in this issue, watch a video to learn when and how to use function estimation in SEEP/W.
  • August 2005: SLOPE/W Slip Surface Optimization. Learn how SLOPE/W can distort your slip surface to find the lowest factor of safety. Also in this issue, John Krahn travels to Ethiopia to provide engineering mentorship.
  • July 2005: Demystifying a transient analysis. Some people panic when they hear the words "transient seepage analysis." However, if you feel your steady-state seepage results do not reflect what you believe to be happening in the ground, it is likely because you are trying to represent a transient condition with a steady-state solution.
  • June 2005: Serving up new changes on the website... Significant changes are being made to the geo-slope.com website to better serve you. Read about some of the initiatives here, and how Microsoft is interested in what we're doing.
  • May 2005: Read about the influence of water flow on ground freezing. Also in this issue, the 5th Annual Calgary Geotechnical Modeling Workshop is only a few months away--read the details and register early to save your spot.
  • April 2005: The coastal landslides in California in the U.S. and British Columbia in Canada were in the news around the world in February. Why did they happen? This edition of Direct Contact uses SEEP/W and SLOPE/W to explain some of the factors.
  • March 2005: GeoStudio's power lies in the integration between its products. Watch a video showing SEEP/W and SLOPE/W working together. Also learn about upcoming Geotechnical Modeling workshops in the UK and in Calgary. This edition congratulates our CEO, John Krahn, on being awarded an EIC Fellowship.
  • February 2005: John Krahn describes how to analyze geofabrics with SLOPE/W.
  • January 2005: A message from the CEO: Numerical Modelling - Prediction or Process? And visit us at Geo-Frontiers 2005 in Texas!


  • December 2004: Learn how to use GeoStudio 2004 with older data files. Watch movies showing the benefits of unstructured meshing and how GeoStudio 2004 saves you time and effort by ensuring mesh compatibility.
  • November 2004: Watch a movie demonstrating the power of regions in SLOPE/W 2004, and learn about an important update to GeoStudio 2004.
  • September 2004: Learn about the next generation of geotechnical software, GeoStudio 2004, and the very affordable Basic Edition.
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