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Annual Maintenance

GEO-SLOPE offers a comprehensive Annual Maintenance program for GeoStudio. We deliver feature updates in GeoStudio throughout the year, rather than producing a major release every few years as in the past. With the purchase of the Annual Maintenance option, you will receive new features sooner, and continually remain current with the latest software.

1. Why purchase Annual Maintenance?

  • Immediate access to the latest updates.
  • Basic engineering support.
  • Full licensing and installation support.
  • No additional cost when a new version is released.

2. How does Annual Maintenance work?

  • Effective for 12 months (to the last day of the month that the maintenance was purchased).
  • All software updates released while your maintenance is valid will work with your license.

3. What happens when my Maintenance expires?

  • Your existing software version will continue to work; however, updates and bug fixes will not be available. Software updates released after your maintenance expires will not work with your license.
  • Licensing and installation support is still provided, but engineering is only provided at an additional cost.
  • Lapsed maintenance can be reactivated by paying the annual maintenance fees that were missed, to a maximum of 60% of the new license price.

4. How much does Annual Maintenance cost?

  • One year of annual maintenance is approximately 20% of the initial license price.
  • Annual maintenance is purchased as a separate item, either for a GeoStudio license or for an older GeoStudio 2007 license.
  • Annual maintenance is purchased in 12-month increments.
  • Twelve equal payments can be made monthly on a valid credit card with a signed authorization letter.
  • Refer to the Price List for specific prices.

5. Do I have to purchase Annual Maintenance?

  • No, maintenance is optional.
  • Without maintenance, "upgrading" a license to the current release is done simply by paying the annual maintenance fees that were missed, to a maximum of 60% of the new license price.
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